Cross-trade cooperation

TEG SV’s unique quality is its ability to assemble bespoke expert teams for each customer’s individual project requirements. Thereby, the focus of the process can be adjusted instantaneously between expert questions and Technical Building Services expertise. This expert footing is supported by the Technical Building Services unit of the OBERMEYER Group, which, with 140 employees, is one of the largest Technical Building Services offices in Germany.

Customer Feedback

“The combination of practical performance and fee evaluation, technical expertise and contract management, meant the TEG SV team was an extremely beneficial support over the course of the project.”

Despite the focus of our consulting services being in ​​Technical Building Services, interdisciplinary issues often arise which affect infrastructure, structural design, BIM and architecture. As a result of the 60 specialist departments of the OBERMEYER Group, these problems can also be dealt with in-house by our own specialists.

Building is diverse – so are we!